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  • Right here, right now

    Tell your story
    anywhere, anytime

  • Book

    Elevate the sales dialogue
    with storytelling

  • Message in a bottle

    Careful preparation,
    reliable delivery

  • Paper

    Tightly controlled,
    always current

  • Ring

    Capture all of the
    value you provide

  • Spread the word

    One message,
    delivered with consistency

  • This is now

    Modern tools
    enhance the message

Tell Your Story

MIM specializes in applying mobile technologies to enable better storytelling in B2B selling environments.

Better Storytelling is a Secret Weapon

Modern Industrial Marketing

MIM provides clients with customized tools and services that grow sales and profits and win a first-mover advantage.

Put us to work to inject expertise, bandwidth and speed into your mobile initiatives.

Products and Services

StorySlab Sales App

MIM's products and services help you navigate and make the most of the mobile revolution. What are you waiting for? We approach all projects with a sense of urgency and will help you create, refine and implement your mobile hardware and software strategies. The time is right to harness the power of mobile technology and you don't have to go it alone.

  • Mobile app strategy consulting
  • StorySlab Sales App design and implementation: Click here for concept video
  • Custom iOS app development for the enterprise and the end customer
  • Messaging strategy and content creation
  • Mobile web design
  • Strategies for integrating and managing all of the above

... and a relationship that provides ongoing insight into what the future of mobile technology holds for you.

Clients and Our People

Our People

MIM's clients are a who’s who list of B2B industrials and all have one thing in common: they are at the forefront of embracing technology to illustrate why they are worth a premium in their markets.

MIM’s team always seeks to understand the business need before applying technology. And then they execute, priding themselves on efficient builds and reliable implementations. MIM’s founder, Hans Fuller, has 20 years experience in B2B strategy, marketing and selling in manufacturing and service companies ranging from family-owned to Fortune 500 and high-tech start-ups. MIM’s staff of designers and developers can supplement existing client efforts or provide beautiful and functional turnkey solutions.

Evolution of Storytelling